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We independently Inspect, Maintain and Optimize Solar Installations.

All solar installations experience degradations over time, this leads to lost revenue within months of initial light-up. Our highly trained technicians will keep you on track, maximize system performance, and help you sustain your solar system revenue stream.

Business Fundamentals

  • We’re Here to Help

    We’re here to help you and your FIT project(s) earn everything they can!

  • Feed in Tariff Program

    The Feed in Tariff program is a business, as such our maintenance programs are based on an ROI model…ensuring you will make your money back!

  • Assurance of ROI

    Service & Maintenance is not a cost, it's an assurance of ROI


Our dedicated team of experts will put you at ease with their professional advice.

Solar Operations Inc., founded in Ontario by solar professionals is an IMO services firm specializing in independent Inspections, Maintenance & Operations of Solar/PV projects for the small FIT & microFIT market.

Our highly trained technicians will get you back on track with respect to; OEM warranty work (Inverters, Racking, Panels), Solar Panel testing/replacement, Solar Panel Cleaning (boost system performance), Snow Removal (ROI model), DC Wiring/Replacement, Emergency System Restoration, Monitoring w/monthly reporting, 3G/4G Camera & Modem Installation (security, remote inspections), Dispute Resolution (insurance/legal), Certified 3rd Party Income Verification (high resale value), Performance Boosting (increase your ROI), Site & Asset Management, & Capital Asset Planning assistance for the life of your 20 year projects.

Contact us today for immediate feedback on your systems solar ‘FIT’ness!


A one-stop-shop for all your solar installation needs.


General Solar Project Inspections & Performance Assessments
Solar Panel Inspections, Testing & Replacement(s)
Certified 3rd Party Income Verification (Higher Resale Value)


OEM Warranty Work (Inverters, Racking, Panels)
Solar Panel Snow Removal & Cleaning (Specialty Fluids)
DC Wiring/Replacement
Emergency System Restoration
3G/4G Camera Installation (Security, Remote Inspections


Performance Boosting w/Tigo and/or SolarEdge (Increases ROI)
Independent Dispute Resolution (Insurance/Legal Claims)
Site & Asset Management
Monitoring w/Monthly Financial Reporting

As a truly ‘independent’ IMO services firm we can work directly with your EPC or Installation Company without conflict. If your initial installation company is no longer around or busy with new installations…we can help you today.

Do you suspect that your solar system may be ‘underperforming’?

Let us test your Solar Systems “FIT”ness today!

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